Our Story

The Phenotype Beauty project was born in London in 2015 thanks to the cooperation of an all-Italian team tenaciously sharing the same goal: to combine the benefits of plant extracts with the scientific approach of genomics to create a personalised line of natural skincare products.

Phenotype Beauty is a cosmetic brand inspired by the experience of NNG Italy’s team in cosmeceuticals, genomics and natural medicine. The aim of the team is to integrate these three different fields of healthcare in a holistic approach towards human well-being.

Our Philosophy

The Phenotype Beauty project goes beyond the dream of creating a personalised line of skin care products based on your own genotype. We like to see it as a philosophical revolution in the way we look at the world of personal care.

We believe that taking care of ourselves starts from accepting our own physical appearance, as it is right now. The colour of our skin, its imperfections, the signs of ageing and our expression lines, they all bring a message of who we are, where we come from, our past emotions and present self. To bring forward with pride our own unique phenotype is an important self-acceptance and empowering message that we hope would come across in our branding.


Woman using skincare product

The Phenotype Beauty project strongly supports the idea that you should you feel comfortable in your own skin, trying to look your best, but also accepting your little flaws, the ones that make you unique. Phenotype Beauty products are formulated to restore health, energy and brightness to your skin. We minimize the use of chemicals and only use scientifically tested plant extracts to provide your skin with essential active ingredients for a soft, velvety texture and natural glow.


Woman using skincare product

Phenotype Beauty is an innovative project of personalised skincare and we will soon be ready to offer a full line of natural products that perfectly fit your genotype and phenotype. The study of DNA shows that there are no two identical organisms since each one of us is the unique result of the interaction between our own genome and the environment resulting in an exclusive phenotype. Our personalised skincare will tailor the treatment to the specific needs of your skin, choosing the right natural ingredients and the correct amount to restore structure and plasticity.

Person holding small plant and dirt

Our Values

Phenotype Beauty strives for naturalness, tolerability and effectiveness while maintaining an ethical and moral integrity. The respect of the environment and of the animals’ habitat is the primary concern of our company. We are therefore committed to a sustainable development that is really effective. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our production processes, using exclusively recyclable packaging and relying only on groups of volunteers to test our products.